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Famous Bankruptcy Filings

Famous People Who Have Filed For Bankruptcy

Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum – Founder of Barnum Circus (who later merged his circus with James Bailey to form Barnum & Bailey Circus)
Kim Basinger – Actress
L. Frank Baum – Wizard of Oz author
King Edward II – 14th century English King
Lorraine Bracco – Actress (Dr. Melfi – Sopranos)
Mathew Brady – Distinguished Civil War photographer
Toni Braxton – Singer
George Clinton – Singer (“Atomic Dog”)
Samuel L. Clemens (“Mark Twain”) – Author
Natalie Cole – Singer
Gary Coleman – Actor (Arnold – Different Strokes)
John Connally – Former Texas Governor
Francis Ford Coppola – Film Director/Producer
Cathy Lee Crosby – Actress
Vic Damone – Singer
Dorothy Dandrdge – Actress
Dino De Laurentis – Film Producer
Walt Disney – Film Producer & Theme Park Pioneer
Eddie Fisher – Actor
Mick Fleetwood – Singer (Fleetwood Mac)
Heidi Fleiss – Clothing Line Founder & Famous Hollywood Madam
Henry Ford – First two automobile companies failed
William Fox – Co-founder of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Marvin Gaye – Singer
Andy Gibb – Singer
Charles Goodyear – Founder of Goodyear Tire Co.
Ulysses S. Grant – 18th U.S. President & Civil War General
Merle Haggard – Bakersfield, California raised County & Western Singer
Corey Haim – Actor (Star of The Lost Boys (1987)
Dorothy Hamill – Olympic Ice Skater
M.C. Hammer – Singer/Rapper (“Can’t Touch This”)
Richard Harris – Actor/Producer/Director
Isaac Hayes – Songwriter/Musician/Singer
Henry John Heinz – Famous Condiment Manufacturer
Sherman Hemsley – Actor (George Jefferson from The Jeffersons)
Milton Snavely Hershey – Founder of Hershey’s Foods Corp.
Ron Isley – Singer
Jermaine Jackson – Singer (Michael Jackson’s brother)
Joe & Katherine Jackson – Parents of the Michael Jackson
La Toya Jackson – Singer (Michael Jackson’s sister)
Randy Jackson – Singer
Tito Jackson – Singer (Michael Jackson’s brother)
Thomas Jefferson – American Founding Father and President
Don Johnson – Actor/Producer
Kacey Jones – Singer
Chaka Kahn – 80’s R & B Singer
Larry King – Talk-show Host/Author
Bowie Kuhn – Former Major League Baseball Commissioner
Lorenzo Lamas – Actor
Cyndi Lauper – 80’s Singer
Stan Lee – Co-creator of Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk, The X-Men, etc.
Jerry Lewis – Actor
Jerry Lee Lewis – Singer
Meat Loaf – Singer
Jorge & Joanne Lopes – Winners of the $110.3 million 2002 Big Game Multi-state Lotto jackpot.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Famous Musical Composer
Willie Nelson – Country & Western Singer/Songwriter
Wayne Newton – Famous Singer/Actor who regularly performs in Las Vegas
Immanuel Nobel – Father of Alfred Nobel (who founded Nobel prizes)
Johnny Paycheck – Country & Western Singer
Tom Petty – Singer
Susan Powter – Exercise/Fitness Expert
Burt Reynolds – Actor/Director
Debbie Reynolds – Actress/Singer
Rembrandt Heremenszoon Van Rijn – Famous Dutch painter
Mickey Rooney – Actor
Harry Saltzman – Film Producer (James Bond movies)
Shenandoah – Country Music Band
Anna Nicole Smith – Model/Actress
James & Lynne Spears – Britney Spear’s parents
William G. Stern – British property mogul
J. Fife Symington – Governor of Arizona
Donald Trump’s Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts Inc.
Mike Tyson – Boxer
Johnny Unitas – Hall of Fame Quarterback
Oscar Wilde – Acclaimed Author and Poet
Tammy Wynette – Singer

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