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Beware Of Debt Settlement Companies!

Beware of the debt settlement/negotiation companies that offer huge reductions in your debt and want you to pay them directly instead of your creditors. The majority of the time, you are paying these companies services fees and their representation fee in installment payments over several months and not paying your actual debts.

Additionally, a lot of these companies charge incredibly high fees and do not use an actual attorney to negotiate your debts, but someone who has gone through limited training and is working from home.

Before you sign up with any debt negotiation company or any debt negotiation attorney, including us, request specific information about the services being offered. Ask about experience and how you will be charge for the services being offered.

Additionally, we recommend that you use Google to search for any complaints from other consumers. You should also check with the Attorney General’s Office in your state to see if there are any ongoing investigations of the companies or attorneys you are thinking of retaining.

The services Matthew Mazur, P.A. provides are not credit counseling but rather debt negotiation. The difference between us and those so-called debt negotiation companies is that we are attorneys and we are regulated by the Florida Bar. We have duties and obligations to our clients that we take very seriously. The same is not true of most debt negotiation companies.

We use alternative dispute resolution methods to reduce and resolve past due debt claims against our clients. We provide legal representation to businesses and individuals throughout the State of Florida.

Matthew Mazur, P.A. is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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